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Greetings from Panama! My name is Marina Ehrman and I have been a professional tour guide and promoter for Panama Tourism and Travel Company since 2005. I love what I do and am proud to share what my country has to offer. It is filled with endless leisure and commercial attractions, friendly happy people who open their doors to all visitors. Panama is a country of incomparable natural beauty with a variety of tourist attractions, beautiful beaches in the Pacific and Caribbean. The tropical climate year round with its diversified flora, fauna and indigenous groups make it one of the most important of Ecotourism in Latin America. I invite you to know our country’s history, culture and also enjoy the cuisine, folklore and traditions that only a place in the world can provide………Panama! Contact me and I’ll organize your visit and will be happy to welcome you in Panama. For more information on Panama, follow my Facebook page and my blog. Visit

Boquete Tour: Coffee Tour

Avaliable: From Monday to Saturdays
3 Hour Tour

Boquete is to coffee as Bordeaux is to wine. Panama's coffee has been considered to be the best coffee in the world for 3 years in row. So. it would be a little bit strange if you came to Boquete and you left without visiting a coffee plantation, don't you think? Prepare your taste buds for an explosion of flavors!

At a coffee tour in Panama you will learn everything about the coffee process, from when the coffee tree is planted and starts growing, until the way coffee is brewed for you to drink it. You will be able to appreciate the importance of the Ngöbe Buglé indigenous that hand pick the red coffee berries when they are perfectly ripe. You will also have a glance of the shade grown technique which only allows the precise amount of sun on each coffee tree and protects the environment. And you will end with a cupping, in which you will sample different flavors and roasts.

If you visit Boquete between December and April you will be able to see them in their colorful dresses harvesting coffee in Ruiz's plantations and if you visit Boquete between October and March you will be able to see the coffee being processed.

For those interested, here is a list of some of Panama's best coffees that have been awarded top prizes in international events: Bambito Estate Coffee, Mama Cata, Carmen Estate Coffee, Kotowa Coffee, Café Ruiz, Santa Teresa Coffee Estate, Elida and El Burro Estate (from Lamastus Family Estates), Finca Don Pepe, Café Suárez, Hacienda Cafetalera, Café Sitton, Finca Lérida, Finca Hartmann, Cafetalera Las Marianas and Café Eleta.

The Specialty Coffee Association of America, the world's largest and most important coffee trade association has selected Panama's "Hacienda La Esmeralda" as the world's best specialty coffee for a record third consecutive year. This coffee is grown and produced in the Jaramillo region of Boquete and in 2007 during an online auction 1 pound of unroasted coffee sold for a stunning price of $130.


$  25.00 per person

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